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Found Wanting

Found Wanting

            TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting (Daniel 5:27).

In elementary school science experiments, we used scales to determine an object’s unknown mass by comparing it to predetermined weights. The goal of the exercise was to balance the scale by having both sides weigh the same. If the scale was lopsided, one side was found to be lacking.

At the height of his success, King Belshezzar held a grand feast for his people, wives and concubines. Out of his boundless arrogance, he served wine in the gold cups taken from the temple.

Rich and powerful in the world, Belshazzar despised the Lord. But it did not make any difference to God that Belshazzar was wealthy. His worldly power and influence were unable to preserve his possessions or his life.

One of the words God gave Belshezzar was the word TEKEL, defined as “You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.” That very night, Belshazzar lost his life. Faced with God’s standards, what mattered was that he fell short and carried no weight in the eyes of the Lord.

Though we may not indulge in as extravagant a life as Belshazzar, we ought to be wise about how we live our lives. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, too often we place our security in our material possessions and disregard God. Surrounded by our wealth, our homes, our cars, and our possessions, we quickly forget what truly matters.

Pause for a moment to consider: Have I been investing myself in the eternal or in what is here today and gone tomorrow?

Wealth and power in this world are so temporary, quickly coming and going. One day, King Belshazzar was drinking wine with gold cups, and the next day, his life was taken.

Today, let us make a conscious effort to focus on meeting spiritual standards rather than those of the world. The more we continue to readjust our focus each day, the more we lessen the distance between ourselves and God’s requirements.

Until the day comes for us to be weighed across His standards, let us continually evaluate ourselves by asking: How lopsided will I be on His scale? Will I be balanced on the scale of God?


            Questions for Reflection:

What makes a life worthy in the eyes of God so that He does not find us lacking?

Where do you place your worth and value?

Author: David Liu
Publisher: True Jesus Church