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 (Manna 47: The Body of Christ)
Little Lamb Found
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Yip Hon Lei — Manchester, United Kingdom

I really thank and praise the Lord that I am here today to share the miracles and wonders He has shown through me.

I used to feel very aimless because there were constant life questions that always came up empty and unanswered. I would find myself relating well to the cliché: a lost lamb walking in the shadow of darkness.

No matter what new skill or interest I found to fill the void, the momentary satisfaction of accomplishment was never enough. For years I searched for more.


It was not until I went to university that I became acquainted with a girl who studied on the same campus. As our friendship ensued, our conversations gradually centred on God.

I was brought up in an environment of statues and rituals, and it was heavily enforced upon me because of my weak health. However, I was never truly convinced to faith in Buddhism, and I was seeking out a greater truth.

I have always believed in an unknown force greater than my predecessors’ traditional values of idolatry. There must have been a beginning; the existence of an incomparable higher power that was beyond flesh.

Buddhists revere the idols they worship and elevate them to god-like status, but there are no manifestations of their god-like nature.

As my friend began to explain much of the teachings of Christianity to me, my eyes were opened and my heart sensed that I had found my way home. I steadily accepted the truth, and life was just commencing for me.

But during that period of time, my already-poor health worsened and I was constantly ill. By summertime, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease.


Telling everyone that I had cancer was the hardest, and I prayed to God to lighten my load, which He did.

At that time, two church sisters privileged me with my own Bible on my birthday. I was so happy! That Bible never left my side. I constantly read it to look for inspiration and encouragement in times of despair.

I even took it with me while I was undergoing chemotherapy. The long hours of waiting, taking blood tests, and getting my arm jabbed with needles was very tiring and time consuming.

But this was an opportune time for me to read up on the teachings of the Bible and I learnt much. Every word was as enlightening and inspiring as the next.

During treatment, I was advised not to return to university, but I was unwilling to sit out an entire year. I did not want to waste time and submit myself to another defeat because of my health.

So as soon as my condition stabilized after chemotherapy, I returned to school, even with the loss of my hair for all to see. And because of the drugs I was taking, something as simple as doing homework was extremely grueling. But somehow I coped.

The only reason I was able to get through it all was because God walked with me the entire way, and His words were encouraging and comforting.

I constantly meditated on the Bible; steadily altering small habits to conform to His teachings and expectations, and I worked on my flaws and sought His acceptance.

I prayed constantly, not for God to heal me but to teach me of the way of the righteous and to live life as His child.

At such a difficult time, I was blessed to have found and accepted God in my life. If not, I do not think it would have been possible to endure such an ordeal alone.

But the best was yet to come, and I can surely attest that His grace does work in mysterious ways.


The results of the chemotherapy were very positive. Originally, I was scheduled for eight sessions of chemotherapy, but the sessions were cut down to six, which is the minimum a cancer patient must receive to avoid a relapse.

I thanked God immediately. I knew that God was the One who was healing me from the start, and I was grateful because the sixth session of treatment was the worst one yet. According to doctors and previous patients, the degree of distress increases greatly with every session after the sixth.

By His grace, not only did He spare my life but He also spared me from enduring any further pain. God truly performs marvellous wonders!

I would not have believed it if anyone told me that the year I found God would be the year that I would be diagnosed with cancer and be cured from it.

God’s timing is so perfect.

What I needed was the impossible, and God gave me His miracle.

Did God know what was to come for me and so placed this sister in my life at that time? Yes, He did, and He sent His children ahead of me to guide me to Him.

I am, without a doubt, blessed and fortunate to be able to have found God, or the possibility of me being here today would be questionable.

He saved me, and there are no words or actions that could express my love and gratitude, except to share my experiences with others.


A few months after my cancer was given the all-clear, I received the Holy Spirit—one more added blessing from God.

I wanted to be baptized straightaway, but a small doubt crossed my mind as to whether the True Jesus Church was the only church to follow. I had no doubt as to God’s existence—only to the obvious variety of churches that proclaim His name.

How did I know that I was the right church? I prayed for God to give me an answer in my heart to assure me. To my surprise, during a prayer, I felt my hands move and my right index finger wrote something on the palm of my left hand.

It was the words “True Jesus Church” and “Preach the Gospel.” Enough said! I had not a single doubt about this church or my faith. Another blessing from God!

I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy, and the love of the Lord truly left me speechless and astonished. I shared my testimonies with my fellow sisters and non-believing friends, but I didn’t think that was enough to repay the Lord’s grace.

There was so much more I wanted to do, but I had little faith in I could do for God. Not having faith in ourselves means having little faith in God. So I prayed for God to guide me in what I should do.

Once again, in my prayer, He wrote on my palm: “Psalms 111:7,” which reads: “The works of His hands are verity and justice; All His precepts are sure.”

Through this verse, God helped me understand that my life is in His hands, and all I need to do is entrust everything to Him. As long as He is with me, He will also guide me in the things He plans for me to do, and He will also help me accomplish them for His glory.

What more can I say to that, other than to thank Him for His blessing and to ask Him to guide me in His ways? As long as I walk the path He has opened, I will never have to worry or fear about what may come.

May everyone be continually blessed in the Lord. With all things in life and through all trials that we will face, we can always seek counsel in prayer.

There is no better way to find advice or guidance than through God Himself. He is listening.

            A little lamb, a little lost,
Amongst those weary days,
A little time to cast a lot,
To guide me on my way,
In those times for me to try,
To prove my life—
I give to you.
For every time that I pray,
You enlighten me and give me life,
What more can I say?
To devote every day,
Just for You
The grace of the almighty—
His love, will keep me safe.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church