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 (Manna 26)
He Sang With Us!
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Hallelujah, in the name of our Lord Jesus I bear witness.

In the Vancouver Church, we have youth hymn practice after every Sabbath service. The testimony that I would like to share with you happened on 27 October 1990. On that day, there were only seven of us staying for the practice. After singing the first hymn "Till We Meet Again," we sang, "God is Love." It was then that I saw a vision.

While we were practicing "God is Love," I heard someone knocking at the door three times but I ignored it. Then I saw a person in glorious white entering the door. He was so bright that I could not even see His face! He greeted the youths and sat next to me. When I looked at Him, I felt that He was smiling at me. In a very polite and gentle voice, He said, "This song is very sweet and nice; let's sing it together." When I heard this, I wanted to stand up and share it with the youths, but was filled with so much joy that I started crying.

At one point during the practice, the conductor shared a humorous experience of teaching "God is Love" to some elderly members in Taiwan, prompting laughter from the youths. Then I heard Him tell me to disregard the hilarity and concentrate on singing.

Towards the end of the practice, we revised the first hymn, "Till We Meet Again." While singing this hymn, He comforted me saying, "When you sing 'Till We Meet Again', you must not cry for I will come back again." After saying this, He disappeared.

After the choir practice, I asked the conductor whether he had noticed a man dressed in white sitting beside me, but he said no. It was then that I told the youths the vision that I had and gave thanks to God to glorify His name.

From this experience, I am certain that the Lord Jesus is always with us. Furthermore, we must take heed and prepare ourselves for His second coming, for we never know when He will come again. Amen.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church