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Before We Join the Hosts of Heaven


            Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders; and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands… —Rev 5:11

Based on what we understand of the Scriptures, our impressions of angels are quite different from, say, Michelangelo’s and other Western art. We know there are fallen angels that travel incognito, angels that bear news and angels that appear to donkeys. We know of the archangel Michael who fought with the devil, the angel that freed Peter from prison, and the ominous angel that brought death to seventy thousand Israelites.

A more comforting thought is one of the angels as ministering spirits for those of us who will inherit salvation; guardian angels if you like. Possibly the most awesome vision of angels is that recorded by Elder John in Revelation: ten thousand times ten thousand of angels surrounding the throne of God praising Him and singing, “Worthy is the Lamb.”

It boggles the mind to imagine the heavens entirely filled with myriad angels praising God in exalted tones worshipping and glorifying God. Have you ever thought that one day you might join the heavenly hosts in praising God? Might you even meet your guardian angel (or angels, if you’ve been a handful)? Have you thought also about preparing to join the angels? Are you ready to join the herald angels' singing?

Because I love to sing, it is my earnest hope that I can join the hosts of heaven in singing praise to the Almighty. In fact, that’s my idea of heaven—doing nothing else but singing praises to God for all eternity. I hope, however, that my spiritual journey to that point is sustained by other aspects of my faith: prayer, intimacy with God, learning the Scriptures, spiritual discipline, amongst other things. It’s a long way yet to joining the angels—my longing drives me to join them, but I’ve also got to pummel my body and run the marathon to the finish line.

So if you hope for a place in God’s kingdom—hope to sing with the angels songs of praise—keep His word, draw close to Him, and pray and ask that He send a few more guardian angels to look over you, and your footsteps will lead to His grace.

            Questions for Reflection:

1.      There’s a show tune called “With a song in my heart,” in which the character breaks out in song at the thought of his true love. Do you have a “Hymn in your heart” at which you break out in at the thought of “Your first love”?

2.      What is your idea of heaven and what are you doing here on earth to achieve your hope in heaven?

Publisher: True Jesus Church