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 (Manna 26)
Be Still
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Be Still

            “Be still and know that I am God…” (Ps 46:10)

I was visiting New York City one summer and managed to pay a visit to Central Park. Inside this vast green area lies a lake where you can hire canoes. I decided to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy one of New York City’s famous natural attractions by renting one for the hour. The scenery was magnificent. The lake was calm and the waters were shimmering against the sun. It was picture perfect. I began to think how amazing it was that, in the middle of this bustling city, there was this beautiful haven for the stressed and overworked people of New York. New York, I thought, was definitely a city of contrasts.

Often our lives are very much like the big city. We rush around trying to cram too many activities into our already overstretched lives. Our minds are often polluted with the ideas and trends of the world. We have too many decisions to make and too few hours in the day to accomplish our tasks. We are choking and we don’t even seem to realize it. In the midst of our troubles or our fast-paced life we are unable to see the great works of God because we fail to hear His voice and direction.

STOP! Be still.

It’s time to search for this oasis of calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our lives.

Perhaps we are anxiously looking for a job or waiting impatiently for our future spouse to appear, or perhaps we are overwhelmed with church and family commitments or even buried under the weight of some personal grief and suffering. No matter what situation we are in, God’s answer is the same: “Be still.” We may hope and pray for a quick solution, but that may not always be the best solution for us. God’s intended way for us is to quiet our hearts in order to receive instruction from above. Only when we take action and calm our souls will we know the Almighty’s great plans for us.

So, when you begin to feel that everything around you seems to be in disarray and you are unable to hear God’s gentle voice, stop what you are doing and take a break. Find that oasis of calm where you can quietly meditate on God’s words. Humbly kneel before Him asking Him to guide your steps. Turn your plans over to the one who will reveal everything to you according to His perfect timing. And then you will witness what great wonders He has in store for you. Sit back. Enjoy the view. Be still.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church