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Discovery Time: Becoming a Peacemaker

Discovery Time: Becoming a Peace Maker


Based on what you have learned from “Attaining peace” and “How to define yourself with Christian values” you will write out how you can become a peace maker.

·         Among all the values and virtues of a Christian, peace maker should rank as one of the highest. Jesus came to reconcile the sinful men to the holy God. He brought peace between God and men. And Jesus calls to all His disciples to preach the gospel of this good news: God wants to reconcile and be at peace with everyone who wants to believe in Him. Therefore, you will go through some questions below that will help you pave your path to becoming God’s peace maker.

1.       Review the five sources of peace from your notes “Attaining Peace” and write down those areas you find you lack peace. Explain to the best of your knowledge. Share one of your results in your group.

2.       Choose one of the items you mentioned above and decide what you can do to attain peace from that source. List specific attitudes or actions you need to acquire or apply. Specify when you will apply or how often. If you choose peace that comes from doing what is good, then determine who are the people you think God wants you to do good to, and decide who will be the first one to receive your good deeds.

3.       Lastly, God wants us to be His peace maker so that all human race may be reconciled to Him. Who are some of the people you can bring this message of peace to? List as many people as you can think of. Circle two people’s names that you will begin to pray for in the next year and ask God to give you the opportunity and wisdom to pass on Jesus’ message of peace.