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Discovery Time / Activity for Senior Class: A Life of Nobility

Discovery Time / Activity for Senior Class: A Life of Nobility

Day 1: Role-play: Counseling a friend

Based on what the students learned from “Attaining Joy” and “How to overcome your pains/depression” they will be paired up in teams of two or three and given one scenario where one or two students will counsel a friend in need. The goal is to help the depressed brother/sister to understand how to attain joy in the Lord.

Day 2: Quick write: Becoming a peace-maker

Using what the students learned from “Attaining peace” and “How to define yourself with Christian values” they will focus on their role as a peace maker. They are to examine their personal lives and evaluate whether or not they are at peace with those around them, at home, at church, at school/work, and ultimately with God. The end goal is for the students to be more aware of their responsibility to bring God’s peace to everyone around them and actually come up with some action plan.

Day 3: Quick-write: Drawing closer to God

Reviewing what the students have learned from “Attaining holiness” and “How to please God and men” they will once again evaluate their relationship with God in the area of holiness. They are to examine different aspects of their lives: relationships with the opposite sex, use of internet, entertainment, language, thoughts, etc… The purpose of this exercise is to encourage the students to aim toward a holy life with a higher sense of awareness and self-control in keeping away from destructive influences.

Day 3: Quick-write: Living like a prince/princess

Based on the passage from 1Peter 2:9-25, students will list out all the “proper conducts” mentioned required of a people of God, in other words, of princes and princesses. The students will further describe what their daily lives will be like—and how different it will be—if  they abide strictly by the “code of conduct” mentioned in the passage.

Day 4: Quick-write: Persevering in my faith

Combining what the students have learned from “Attaining perseverance” and “How to maintain your faith” they are to respond to a series of situations given to them. Some of the situations include: When many of the church brethren spread false rumors about you, when you dear faithful grandmother passes away, when someone you care about rejects you, when your classmates make fun of you because of your faith, when someone you respect in church does something that disappoints you, when you are the only one in your class still have not found a job…

Day 4: Debate: Defending my faith

Drawing from what the students have learned from the four classes on Apologetics, they are to split into two teams and take turns in defending what they believe. There will be a list of common objections to Christian faith or our doctrines read by one group so the other group can defend their faith. Counselors will assist and supplement as necessary.