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Time Management

Time Management

I.       Purpose:

1.       Survey the importance of time management

2.       Exposure to the different time management tools and concepts

3.       Review of the biblical concept to time management

II.    Importance of Time Management:

·         time = life, time management = life management

·         make the most out of each of our days

·         Reduce our stress and feeling of overwhelmed with work

·         two cousin managements: information and financial management

III. Time Management Tools & Concepts

A.     The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

B.     FranklinCovey

·         Three steps:

1.        Discover

2.        Plan

3.        Act

·         Personal Mission Statement

·         Values and Roles

C.     Organizing from the Inside Out

1.       Analyze

2.       Strategize

3.       Attack

D.     An Executive Time Management Program

E.     Richard’s Personal Adaptation

1.        Three basic components: Perspective, Habits, System

2.        Life Compass: plan with end in mind (e.g. “Kingdom of God is near”)

3.        DISCOVER

 a.      Mission: beliefs, values and roles

·         Spirituality

·         Family & Friends

·         Health & Leisure

·         Academics & Career (e.g. class and major planning)

·         Finance & Asset

·         Intellect & Character

·         Community

 b.      Goals (e.g. world travel)

4.        PLAN

 a.      Set up daily/weekly/monthly/yearly compass (habits you want to build)

 b.      Schedule manageable tasks into your customized organizer system

·         Electronic: PalmPilot, cell phone (e.g. birthdays)

·         Paper: FranklinCovey, binder

5.        ACT

 a.      Build habits

 b.      Do the tasks

6.        Continue to evaluate and modify

IV.  Biblical Concept to Time Management:

·         Sufficient for the day: prioritize your day and internalize (best time is your morning prayer); tomorrow is not real, but today is.

·         Ex 18:13-27

·         Lk 2:48-49

V.     Time Management Problems:

·         mechanics to analyze/assess: how do I know I have a problem? What problems?

·         too many tasks but not enough time (identify discretionary time; assign time required for tasks; assess if taking on too much?; block off large chunks of time for similar tasks—whole night or week)

·         too overwhelmed with different things (prioritize and schedule less important/urgent tasks to later)

·         how to balance life between school/work and church (review life priorities)

·         no time for cultivation

·         how do I take breaks?

·         I’m busy with many things, but does not feel that there is a clear ultimate goal (personal mission statement)

·         unmotivated (5-min rule, reward system—buy something or take a day off)

·         too much things to remember about time management (don’t rely on handouts, instead, internalize; use handouts/worksheet as reference)