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A Life of Nobility: Attaining Holiness

A Life of Nobility: Attaining Holiness

I.       What causes man to lose holiness?

A.     The desire of flesh (Jas -15)(Jas 4:1)

B.     The temptation of the devil (Lk 4:1,13)(Jas 4:7)

C.     Entering into temptation of man (Mt 6:13)

II.    What is the consequence of lost holiness?

A.     Separation from God (Heb12:14)

1.        Adam was cast out from the Garden of Eden (Ge )

2.        God did not talk to Abraham for many years (Ge 17:1)

3.        Their offering was not accepted (Mal1:12ff)

4.        Even fasting prayer won’t be heard by God. (Is58:3-5)

B.     A Shameful feeling.

1.        Adam had to hide himself (Ge2:7f)

2.        Amnon had to drive out the one he used to love (2Sa12:15-17)

3.        Judah had to commit suicide (Mt27:5)

C.     No qualification to serve God

1.        Gehazi cannot serve because of leprosy (2Ki5:27)

2.        The high priest Joshua was accused by Satan (Zek 3:1ff)

D.     Influence others

1.        Sin came into the world through one man and therefore all man sinned (Rm 5:12)

2.        Achan influenced his whole family (Jas 7:21ff)

3.        10 spies influenced 2 million people by persuading them to not enter into the land of Canaan (Num 13:32-14:1ff)

E.     Eternal punishment

1.        Destruction on earth

2.        Lake of fire in hell (Ps9:17)(Rev 20:14)

III. How can one attain holiness?

A.     Put off the old man, and put on a new man (Eph 4:22-24)

1.        Through water baptism (Rm6:3ff)

2.        Determine to pursue holiness (Eph 4:23)(Rom 12:2)

 a.      Think of the consequences.  Have you counted the cost?

 b.      Esau despised the birthright and wept bitterly (Heb 12:16f)

3.        Study the consequences of those who failed to stay holy (1Co10:11)

4.        The joy obtained from holiness is greater the fleeting happiness of evil (SS 1:2)

B.     Do not leave room for Satan

1.        Do not live an idle/lazy life

 a.      David slept until the sunset (2Sa 11:2)

 b.      The lazy one seduces Satan

2.        Control your environment

 a.      Do not go to the wrong place as the young fool has done (Pr 7:7f)

 b.      Decorate your room in a godly way (Dt. 6:8f)

 c.      Select your friends wisely (Pr 18:24) ex. the friend of Judah.

3.        Control your body (Paul said that I pommel my body to subdue it)

 a.      Your eyes (Jb31:1f)(Lk11:34)

 b.      Your minds  (Jb 31:37)(Pr 4:23)

 c.      Your mouths (Mt 15:18)

 d.      Your ears (Ac7:51,57)

 e.      Your feet (Mt18:8)(2Pe1:11)

 f.       Your hand (Ps26:10)(Mt 5:30f)

C.     Draw closer to God (Jas 4:8)

1.        Those who draw closer to God can find a way out of their sins

 a.      Isaiah suddenly realized that his lips were not clean (Isa 6:6)

 b.      Peter jumped into the sea while the boat was approaching Jesus (Jn21:7)

 c.      Adam hid when he heard the voice of God

2.        The words of God can sanctify us (Jn17:17)(Ps 119:9)

3.        The Holy Spirit is a fire that can burn our dirty spots away (Ac2:3)(Heb12:29)

4.        Utilize all ways to draw closer to God

 a.      Read the Bible often (Ps 119:9-11)

 b.      Come to church continually (Ps 122:1f)

D.     Pray to God to keep us in holiness (1Ti 1:15)(Ps 127:1f)

1.        The Lord’s Prayer says, “lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.”

2.        God left Hezekiah to test him and Hezekiah failed (2Chro32:31)

3.        We should pray for the Lord to never leave us.  In this manner, we can be kept in Him.