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A Life of Nobility: Attaining Peace

A Life of Nobility: Attaining Peace

I.       Jesus left peace for us. (Jn16:33)

A.     Man desires for peace in this troublesome world. (Jn 16:33)

B.     Jesus promised peace to his disciples. (Jn 14:27f)

1.        The peace of giving your burdens to Jesus. (Mt11:28)

2.        The peace of overcoming the world. (Jn17:33)

3.        A peace like chicks under the wings of hen. (Mt23:37)

C.     Jesus left peace.

1.        The first words Jesus taught the disciples to greet people with: “May peace be with you.” (Mt10:13)

2.        Jesus’ first greetings to the disciples after His resurrection: “Peace be with you.” (Jn 20:19)

3.        Paul followed Jesus’ example in his writings.

II.    Why do people lose peace?

A.     In general: people lose peace due to their evil deeds. (Is48:22)

1.        There was peace in the Garden of Eden.

2.        Evil men do not know the way of peace. (Rm3:11-18)

3.        Jehu commented that there shall be no peace because Jezebel committed so many idolatries and witchcraft. (2Ki9:22)

4.        Setting the mind on the flesh results in death. Setting the mind on the spirit brings life and peace. (Rm 8:6)

B.     When one knows that trouble is coming, yet cannot control it, they lose peace.

1.        Pharaoh lost peace in two dreams. (Ge 41:16)

2.        A king lost peace in a time of war when seeing the hands of God writing on the wall of man. (Da 5:5f)

3.        When Katrina was approaching and the governor of Louisiana did not know what was happening, she lost peace.

C.     When one feels that he is not equally treated, he will lose peace. (Ge37:4)

A housecat does not like a newborn baby. A housedog protects a newborn baby. Why?

D.      When one is not fairly treated, and receives agitation from others. (1Sa ,6)

It is similar to spreading salt on an open wound. It is more than physical pain sometimes.

III. How can one attain peace?

A.     Having strong faith toward Jesus Christ: “Your faith has saved you; go in peace”

1.        A sinful woman cried behind Jesus. She had great faith. (Lk7:50)

 a.      She overcame the laughter of those who called her a sinner.

 b.      She repented bitterly to Jesus.

2.        A sick woman touched the edge of Jesus’ garment and was healed. She had strong faith.(Lk8:48)

 a.      She overcame all the hardships to draw herself near to Jesus.

 b.      She believed that as soon as she touched the garment of Jesus, she would be healed. Her faith drew out the power of Jesus.

3.        Strong faith shows in totally relying on Jesus Christ. (Is26:3)

B.     Entering into the temple of God. (Ha 2:9)

1.        The house of God is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, the home of the eternal God. (Eph 2:22f)

2.        At the temple dedication, Solomon prayed to the Lord to give peace when people came to the temple to pray. God also made promises to Solomon concerning his prayer. (2Chro 6:22,24,26,28,32,34,36)

 a.      People would be able to resolve their disputes when coming to the temple to pray. (v22)

 b.      People’s sins would be forgiven when they came to the temple to pray. (v24)

 c.      God can give rain after a drought when people come to temple to repent and pray. (v26)

 d.      God would solve all kinds of natural disasters when people came to the temple to pray. (v28)

 e.      Even if one was not an Israelite, God would listen to his prayer when he came to the temple to pray. (v32)

 f.       God would give the people victory in war when people came to the temple to pray.

 g.      People would be returned from captivity when they prayed for the temple of God. (v36ff)

 h.      God promised Solomon’s prayer. God will see the prayer and hear the prayer in the temple. (2Chr 7:12-15)

C.     To pray. (Phi 4:7)

1.        Three types of prayer: To pray is make our requests know to God.

 a.      For ourselves.

 b.      For others.

 c.      For God’s glory (Thanksgiving prayer)

2.        Two results.

 a.      Our problem is solved.

 b.      Our problem is not solved, but our hearts have peace.

3.        Peace is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. (Ga5:22)

 a.      Hannah had peace after praying in the temple of God.

 b.      Jesus had peace after praying three times.

D.     Practice righteousness.

1.        Righteousness and peace have kissed. (Ps 85:10)

2.        The righteous shall have peace as long as the moon endures. (Ps 72:7)

3.        Paul encouraged believers to carry out his teachings, and follow his deeds; then, the peace of God would come to them. (Phi4:9)