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Between Man and God: Song of Solomon

Between Man and God: Song of Solomon

I.       The three stages of relationship between bride and bridegroom

A.     My lover is mine and I am His (2:16)

-Enjoy God, but the relationship is self-centered

1.        Let us press on to know the Lord (Hos 6:3)

 a.      Your love is better than wine (1)

 b.      Your anointing oils are fragrant (3)

 c.      Your name is oil poured out (3)

 d.      Rightly do they love you (4)

2.        Longing for intimate relationship

 a.      The knowledge of God motivates the desire of intimacy

 b.      Waiting for God to initiate the intimacy (2,3)

(a)     Being kissed

(b)     Being drawn

(c)     Being brought into inner chamber

 c.      Yearning for enjoying the intimacy (4)

(a)     Rejoice in God (Rm )

(b)     Praise God’s love more than wine

 d.      Where are you? (7)

Asking God to reveal himself

3.        Do not awaken love until it pleases (Song 2:7; 3:5; 8:4)

The characteristic of marriage

B.     I am my lover’s and my lover is mine (6:3)

-Can not live without God, the relationship is God-centered

1.        The Christ praise the beauty of church (Song 4)

2.        The church has stolen the heart of the Christ (4:9)

3.        The church reflects the love of the Christ (4:10-11)

4.        The bride is faithful to bridegroom (4:12-15)

5.        The test of relationship (5:2-8)

6.        The bride enjoys the beauty of bridegroom (5:10-16)

7.        The bride seeks after the bridegroom (6:1)

C.     I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me (7:10)

-The union of love, the relation is totally selfless

1.        The beauty of bride overwhelms the bridegroom (6:4,5)

2.        Christ praises the beauty of the church (7:1-9)

3.        The bride gave her love to the bridegroom (7:12)

 a.      We love, because He loved first (1Jn )

 b.      Enjoy being together (Song 7:11;8:1-4)

 c.      Everything is for Him (Song 7:13)

4.        Love is as strong as death (8:6,7)

 a.      Love surpass all (8:7)

 b.      Christ (Rom 5:8; 1Jn4:10)

 c.      Peter (Lk 15:19)

 d.      Paul (Rom 8:34-38)

II.    Conclusion:

Come away, my lover (7:14; Rev 22:20)