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God's Nature
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God's Nature

God is holy. His nature is the absolute moral standard. There is nothing wicked in him. In fact, he hates all evil. He expects all human beings, who have the ability to make moral choices, to imitate his divine nature.

God is true. He does not lie. He does not change his rules on a whim. Whatever he says and does is trustworthy. We can rely on all his promises because he will never fail to keep any one of them.

God is just. He shows no partiality, but punishes the wicked and rewards the obedient. Everyone will have to give an account to God for their every deed before his judgment throne. He will condemn the wicked to eternal fire, and reward the obedient with eternal life.

God is loving. He cares deeply about us because we are his children. Although he is just, he still shows mercy and much patience when we disobey him, hoping that we would change, and he readily forgives us whenever we turn back to him. He knows and sympathizes with our weaknesses and pain. That is why he came to this world--to experience our weakness, to feel our pain, to bear the punishment for our sin, and to bring us back to himself.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church