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Man's Problem: Sin
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Man's Problem: Sin

People through the ages have been searching for ways to fill the void or loneliness inside. Things such as health, fame, education, and romance can bring only temporary fulfillment. In search for more excitement or escape from problems, people turn to drugs, sex, alcohol, wild parties, violence, and many other such means. But instead of finding satisfaction, they face an even greater emptiness, with more and more problems such as broken families, suicides, and violent crimes.

A spiritual void is something neither material nor physical enjoyment can fill. The void that is inside every human being is the result of sin, a state of alienation from God. As much as we wish to find true happiness, we are not able because we have rejected God as our king.

More dreadful than the spiritual emptiness is the eternal separation from God. As sinners, we belong to the dominion of darkness and cannot enter the kingdom of God. Instead, when our days on earth end, we all have to suffer the torment of everlasting fire.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church