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Appendix: Call on the Lord with a Prayer
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Appendix: Call on the Lord with a Prayer

Start your personal trust in the Lord Jesus with prayer. As you study the truth, learn to communicate with God through prayer. Though we cannot see God, prayer offered in faith allows us to experience him in marvelous ways.

Close your eyes to concentrate; kneel down as a gesture of humility. Begin your prayer by saying, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray." The Lord promised, "Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son" (John 14:13). It is only by the name of Jesus Christ that we have the privilege to make a request to God. Therefore we need to pray in his name.

Then say, "Hallelujah, praise the Lord Jesus." "Hallelujah" means "praise the Lord." This is how the multitude in heaven worships God. "After this I heard what seemed to be the loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, crying, 'Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God'" (Revelation 19:1).

Prayer is a pouring out of your thoughts and feelings to God. Praise and thank him for giving you life and the chance to know him. Tell him your troubles and worries. "Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you" (1 Peter 5:7).

Ask him to forgive you, teach you, and help you. Make a commitment to accept the gospel and obey Jesus as Lord. Ask God's Spirit to come into your heart and your life to be your Counselor. Thirst for God as you would thirst for water.

Open yourself up to God: "Lord, I want to receive you into my life and obey your will. Please guide me to know you more and strengthen me with your Spirit."

When you have finished your prayer, simply say "amen," an expression of trust that means "surely" or "may it be fulfilled."

God looks for sincerity. If you humbly pray to him from your heart as you praise him aloud with "Hallelujah," God, who examines your heart, will guide you and provide for your needs.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church