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New Life in Christ
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New Life in Christ

During baptism, we exchange our sinful beings with the life of Christ. So every believer who is baptized now lives in Christ. The Bible speaks of such exchange as "putting on Christ." Our Lord Jesus takes off our filthy clothes and puts on us a robe of righteousness, a righteousness as the result of his perfect, sinless life.

This robe covers the shame of our sins and shields us from God's righteous wrath. Whenever we ask for forgiveness for failing to keep God's commandments, God will forgive us because of Jesus' sacrifice. How great is Christ's love, that his blood continues to wash our sins away until we reach heaven!

Along with the new life in Christ are God's blessings and gracious promises. His love and guidance lead us daily, even through the deepest sorrows. His peace and joy fill our hearts always, even when we suffer pain and heartache.

Life becomes fulfilling because we have assurance of heaven and our lives have a clear purpose. We can look beyond the grave to a blissful, eternal home.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church