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A Life in the Altar

A Life in the Altar

I.       Why to build an altar:  Isaac’s example

A.     Followed the role model of his father

Succession of faith (Gen 12:7,8; 13:4,18;21:33)

B.     His personal experience of God

1.        In offering (Gen 22)

2.        In marriage (Gen 24)

3.        In God’s provision (Gen 26:1-13)

4.        In career (Gen 26:19-22)

C.     His personal relationship with God (Gen 26:24)

II.    What does building the altar mean?

A.     Call upon the name of the Lord (Gen 26:25)

1.        Praise God (Ps.105:1)

2.        Glorify God (Ps.115:1)

3.        Make request to God (Ps. 99:6)

4.        Make his name exalted (Is.12:4)

B.     Offer the sacrifice (Gen 8:20-22)

1.        The fragrance pleased God

2.        The sacrifice pleased God (Gen 22:12-17; Heb 11:17-17)

C.     Offer spiritual sacrifice (Heb 13:15,16)

1.        Praise and thanksgiving

2.        Do good and to share

D.     Offer living sacrifice (1Pet 2:4,5)

III. How to build an altar

A.     Daily devotion (Mk 1:35; Jn.8:1)

B.     Family altar (Joshua 24:15)

C.     Called for  a life of servitude (Rom 12:1,2)