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The Book of Isaiah 13-16

I.       Introduction:

A.     The word ‘Isaiah’ means ‘salvation of God’

1.        Isaiah Ch.13-23 Judgment of all nations – Showing God is the ruler of all the earth

2.        Ch.13 Babylon

3.        Ch.14 Babylon, Assyria (v.24-27), Philistia (v.28-32)

4.        Ch.15-16 Moab

II.    Isaiah Ch.13

Foretelling of destruction of Babylon

A.     v.1-5

God raised an army

1.        God’s sanctified ones (v.3)

2.        God’s mighty ones for God’s anger (v.3)

3.        A multitude in the mountains (v.4)

4.        They come from a far country (v.5)

B.     v.6-16

Phenomenons of destruction

1.        What are the phenomenons of destruction?

 a.      Hands will be limp, man’s hearts will melt (v.7)

 b.      Afraid, pangs, and sorrows (v.8)

 c.      In pain like that of a woman in childbirth (v.8)

 d.      Constellatons will not give their light (v.10)

 e.      Make men more rare than fine gold (v.12)

 f.       Earth will move out its place (v.13)

 g.      Slaughter (v.14-16)

2.        Why does God destroy?

 a.      Destroy sinners from the land (v.9)

 b.      Punish the world for its evil, wicked for their iniquity (v.11)

 c.      Halt the arrogance of the proud and lay low the haughtiness of the terrible (v.11)

C.     v.17-22

Result of Mede’s invasion of Babylon

1.        Many women and children will be killed for they are merciless (v.18)

2.        City of Babylon will be like Sodom and Gomorrah (v.19)

3.        Never to be inhabited by man, but by animals (v.20-22)

III. Isaiah Ch.14

Foretelling of destruction of Babylon

A.     v.1-3

God’s mercy on Jacob

1.        Choose Israel still (v.1)

2.        Settle them in their own land (v.1)

3.        Strangers will join them (v.1)

4.        Bring them to their place (v.2)

5.        Rule over their oppressors (v.2)

6.        God gives them rest from their sorrow, fear, and hard bondage (v.3)

7.        Taunting (v.4-11, 16-23)

B.     v.4-11

Taunting the king of Babylon

1.        Oppressor ceased

2.        God has broken the staff of wicked, scepter of the rulers

3.        God struck the people in wrath

4.        He who ruled in anger is persecuted

5.        The rejoicing of the earth over the king of Babylon

 a.      He was cut down and no one has come up against us

 b.      Hell is excited about his coming

 c.      All the dead taunted him, saying have you also become as weak as we?

 d.      His pomp and sound of his stringed instruments are brought to Shoel

 e.      Maggots and warms covered him

C.     v.12-15

The cause of his fall and his punishment

1.        Five ‘I will’

 a.      Teaching: He wanted to be above others, but was made the lowest of everyone (Mt )

D.     v.16-23

Taunting the king of Babylon

1.        Not a proper burial

2.        Cut off his offspring

3.        Their name will not be mentioned

4.        Land occupied by animals and uninhabitable by people

E.     v.24-27

Foretelling of destruction of Assyria

1.        Where: Assyrians will be defeated in God’s land

2.        God’s sovereignty: God thought, purposed, and stretched out His hand; no one can change it.

         In history: In Is 37:36, God sent angels to kill 185,000 men of Sennacherib encamped around Jerusalem

F.      v.28-32

Foretelling of destruction of Philistia

1.        Do not rejoice over the death of the enemy

2.        Disaster shall come from the North

3.        But God’s people will have enough and refuge

         In history: Philistia with other nations rebelled against the newly established Assyrian King Sargon, and Sargon avenged himself and destroyed them.

IV.  Isaiah Ch.15 Foretelling of destruction of Moab

A.     When: Ar and Kir were destroyed in a night (v.1)

B.     Much mourning and distress (v.2-9)

V.     Isaiah Ch.16 Foretelling of destruction of Moab

A.     Refugees of Moab ran to nearby countries (v.1-5)

B.     Pride of Moab was his downfall (v.6-7)

C.     Their harvests were taken away (v.8-10)

D.     Result of the disaster: Moab will be despised and remnant will be very small and feeble

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