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The Book of Isaiah 21-25

I.       Ch21.

A.     Upon Babylon. (1-10)

B.     Upon Dumah,or Idumea. (11,12)

C.     Upon Arabia, or Kedar. (13-17)

II.    Ch22.

A.     Upon the City of Jerusalem.

1.        Invasion and siege by Sennacherib. (1-7)

2.        A reproof because of their misconduct in two things:

 a.      Not looking to God (8-11)

 b.      Not humbling themselves (12-14)

B.     The court of Hezekiah, and the officers of that court

1.        The displacement of Shebna (15-19)

2.        The advancement of Eliakim. (20-24)

III. Ch23.

A.     Upon Tyre

1.        The lamentable desolation of Tyre (1-14)

2.        The restoration of Tyre after seventy years (15-18)

IV.  Ch24

A.     Judgment on the earth

1.        A threat of desolating judgments for sin (1-12)

2.        Good people should be comforted (13-15)

B.     A further threat of the like desolations (16-22)

C.     God should be glorified (23)

V.     Ch25

A.     Thankful praises for what God had done (1-5)

B.     Promises of what God will do for His church (6-8)

C.     The church’s triumph in God over her enemies (9-12)

VI.  Discussion Topics:

1.       What can we learn from ancient prophecies?

2.       How can God be so unforgiving?

3.       How and when will God destroy the whole earth?

Publisher: True Jesus Church