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Applying the Word

Applying the Word

I.       The benefits of applying the Word

A.     Building faith on a firm foundation (Mt -27)

B.     Receiving blessings (Lk 11:28; James 1:25)

1.        David’s observation (Ps 37:25)

2.        The blessing of keeping Sabbath

3.        The blessing of offering tithe

4.        The blessing of honoring parents

5.        The blessing of forgiving others

6.        The blessing in this life and the life to come (Mk10:29)

7.        The blessing of rest (Mt 11:29-30)

C.     Glorifying God

D.     Edifying others

II.    How to apply the word

A.     Follow the role models in the church (2Tim ; Heb13:7)

B.     Imitate the saints in the Bible (1Cor.11:1)

C.     Follow the example of Jesus

What would Jesus do?

D.     Always examine ourselves

1.        Examine our conscience—the movement of the Holy Spirit

2.        Reflect on others’ criticism

3.        Use others as a mirror

4.        Measure ourselves with the word of God (the measuring stick)

5.        Ask: “Why did God allow this to happen to me? Am I identifying myself with the world?”

III. What can help us apply the Word?

A.     Faith (Heb 11:1; James -26)

B.     Love  (Rom 13:8-10)

C.     The power of the Holy Spirit (Is 40:28-31)

Publisher: True Jesus Church