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God's Word Is a Lamp

"Light" is our guide and companion in the darkness. When we walk alone at night on a remote path, any light we have can help us discern our direction and dispel the fear often associated with darkness. Presently, Satan rules this world's generation—a generation full of iniquities. Darkness has enveloped almost every aspect of this world. There are all kinds of pitfalls whose gaping mouths devour those groping in spiritual darkness. Yet many "explorers" in this world do not perceive the imminent danger of the world's allures—they continue to wander around pitfalls. In opposition to this pessimistic outlook, Christians are to be the children of light. We are the light of the world; we do not belong to darkness. With the word of God as the lamp to our feet, we walk in the night as safely and securely as in the daytime.

Our present age is a confused one, for it is a world where black and white, good and bad, are often not clearly differentiated. Traditional morality is in decline, while new notions are budding day by day. In interpersonal relationships, personal interests often weigh heavier than righteousness. A friend today may easily become an enemy tomorrow. There is no absolute standard for right and wrong—individuals are left to entertain their own views. But the word of God is the eternal Truth, and the absolute criteria for justice, righteousness, and mercy.

We are also living in an unprecedented age of human loneliness. Well-developed modes of transportation have shortened the geographical distances that separate us. But people today are more distant than ever from one another. Even familiar friends who spend time together can feel like complete strangers. Living in bustling cities and shuttling back and forth among the crowds can leave people feeling isolated and alienated from others.

For them, there seems to be no alternative but to participate in a corrupt social culture just to find fulfillment in life. If we taste the goodness of the word of God in our daily lives, however, we will find that God's word will be our comfort, fulfillment, and lifelong companion in this age of darkness. God's word is the lamp to our feet. Although we walk in this world of spiritual darkness, our path is lit like the light of day. Each and every step a true Christian takes has a measure of light to it. If we march on unceasingly for God, we will shine forth the immense light of God's glory. May we all rise to the occasion and lift high the shining torch—giving light both to ourselves and to the lost souls of this present world. By doing so, we can guide more souls to the presence of God!

Publisher: True Jesus Church