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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Sweet Hour of Prayer (Mt.17:1-13)

I.       Climb Up to the High Mountain: God Created Mountain, ManCreatedCity (v.1)

A.     Depart from the World

1.        Entanglement of the world

2.        People

B.     Use Effort

1.        Time

2.        Strength

C.     Be Together with Jesus

1.        Pray in His name

2.        Have faith in Him (Hebrews 11:6)

II.    Behold the Transformation of Jesus (v.2)

A.     Personal Experience

B.     Spiritual Experience-- understand Him deeper

He is unique

C.     Holy & Glorious Experience

D.     Living Experience

III. It is Good for Us to Be Here—He Attracts Us More (v.4)

IV.  This is My Beloved Son (v.5)

Listen to Him

Publisher: True Jesus Church