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Where does salvation come from?        

Besides faith, what else does the Bible say we need to receive a complete salvation?        

Isn't footwashing merely a Jewish custom? How is it related to a person's salvation?        

Don't good works show that a person is already saved? If sacraments are required for salvation, then how do you explain the good works of Christians who have never received the sacraments?        

How does God feel towards humankind?        

How far does God's authority extend?        

How does Jesus" resurrection relate to his followers?        

Why does it matter how a person is baptized? And if I've already been baptized in another church, must I be baptized again?        

Service, Suffering, and Salvation        
What God demands most is our willingness to serve and suffer for Him; everything else is minor.

The Necessity of Baptism for Salvation        
In championing salvation by faith alone, many Christians today view baptism to be merely symbolic. Is baptism simply a symbol of our faith, an act of obedience subsequent to salvation, or does it carry spiritual effects requisite for salvation? Find out f

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