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"You Shall Do No Work"        
What is the true meaning of God's command for the Sabbath? Read how the principles of Sabbath observance translate to our lives today.

Where does God live?        

Not by Bread Alone        
Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. —Matthew 4:4

Wasn't Jesus just a prophet or teacher?        

Just One Talent?        
If Jesus decides to call us away tomorrow, what will we have to show for our time on earth, for His care and guidance and grace? Are we ready to face Him come Judgment Day?

Isn't footwashing just a Middle Eastern custom?        

Doesn't everyone just interpret the Bible differently?        

Why can't I just believe in God" why do I have to belong to a church?        

You say salvation is by grace, but aren't there any conditions to us receiving grace?        

Can we receive the grace of forgiveness and eternal life by saying, "Jesus is my Lord'?        

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