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Items related to "What Should We Give to Our Children".

What attitude should we take toward the Holy Spirit?        
Besides praying in Jesus" name, what else should we do in prayer?        
Our Children and Discrimination        
How should we respond if our children come to us with teary eyes, telling us how others have made fun of them for being different in some way?
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Our Churches in the Philippines        
During theological training in the Philippines, a young pastor came across a dust-covered parcel in the library containing pamphlets published by the True Jesus Church. This brief report records the subsequent establishment and growth of the True Jesus Ch
In Our Master's Footsteps        
Our Church in Indonesia        
Find out how the True Jesus Church in Indonesia flourishes under the guidance and blessings of God.
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The Life of our Lord Jesus        
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How to Build a Good Relationship with Our Children     By C.S. Luo        
What Is Our Life? (1)     By D.M. Hong        
What Is Our Life? (2)     By D.M. Hong        
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