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Items related to "Why We Marry".

Why do we have to repent before we can receive salvation?        
Do We Care?        
We are often oblivious of the crises around the world. Do we have a big enough heart to reach out to those in need just as Jesus Christ did for us?
We Need God's Love        
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Claiming that your church is the only true church is a sign of arrogance and boasting. Such an attitude is against the Christian spirit of humility. Who are we to judge? (Rom 14:10)        
Why Let Your Savior Wait?        
If God loves the world and wants to save us, why did God have to come as Jesus?        
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We Wish to See Jesus     By Fu-Ming Tse        
What Do We Pray for?     By Jason Hu        
We Are God's Workmanship     By Derren Liang        
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