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Lessons Learned from Personal Evangelism        
“I’ll shout it from the mountain top, I want my world to know: The Lord of love has come to me, I want to pass it on.” Nhatha shares some experiences and tips we should keep in mind as we share the gospel.
Lessons Learned From Running        
Look towards the finish line! Keep on going! You’re almost there, and God is waiting for you on the other side…
What I Have Learned to Be Grateful For        
What do a beautiful campus, the sight of the homeless and Dr. Stephen Hawking have to do with one's faith? A series of events abroad deepens a sister's relationship with God.
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Samuel and Saul        
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Secrets Learned in All Circumstances     By Derren Liang        
Golden Words from David (2)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Songs of Ascents (7): The Tribulation of David     By H.H. Ko        
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