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Items related to "Pneumatology (The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit)", 44 total items found

What is the Holy Spirit?        

Sword of the Holy Spirit        
Take...the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. —Ephesians 6:17

Holy Spirit Like A Dove        
We can learn much about the attributes of the Holy Spirit from the characteristics of doves. Their place in biblical history reveals much about the work of the Holy Spirit in our time and our life.

Holy Spirit, Truly Mine        

Why was there a Holy Spirit drought? What verses in the Bible tell us more?        

Is Speaking in Tongues the Necessary Evidence of Receiving the Holy Spirit?        
Is it biblical to say that speaking in tongues is the necessary evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit? Does everyone who receives the Holy Spirit speak in tongues? To answer these questions, let us look at the apostolic experience and ask, "How did the ap

Do baptized believers who have not received the Holy Spirit belong to Christ?        

Does the phrase "being born of the Spirit" refer to receiving the Holy Spirit?        

What are the meanings of the biblical symbols used to describe the Holy Spirit?        

What is the relationship between "receiving the Holy Spirit" and "believing in Jesus'?        

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