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Items related to "Pneumatology (The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit)", 44 total items found

Can everybody receive the Holy Spirit?        

Can we experience the Holy Spirit?        

What blessings does the Holy Spirit give to the disciples?        

How do we offend the Holy Spirit? What are the consequences?        

Has the Holy Spirit remained with the church since Pentecost?        

What is the difference between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?        

How do we receive the Holy Spirit of the latter or spring rain?        

Why is speaking in tongues evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit?        

The Work Of The Holy Spirit        
What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit and what are its roles in our lives? What kind of power is this and why can’t we live without it?

I Received the Holy Spirit        
Would you like to be filled constantly with the Holy Spirit and God's love and grace? Let a sister share her experience with you.

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