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Title Speaker Language Place Event Date Type Format
Holy Garment Derren Liang Chinese Mandarin/English Irvine 05/27/2015 Sermon
A Model of Practicing Love in Christ Enoch Hou Chinese Mandarin/English Cerritos 06/30/2015 Sermon
Beyond Futility: A Successful Life Derren Liang Chinese Mandarin/English Pacifica Northern CA YASC 02/18/2006 Sermon
Christians and Suffering Fu-Ming Tse Chinese Mandarin/English Vancouver Sermon
Gospel is the Great Power of God Jonathan Chou Chinese Mandarin/English Hillsborough 08/14/2010 Sermon
Manifest the Proof of Being God's Servant (2) Enoch Hou Chinese Mandarin/English Cerritos 09/28/2012 Sermon
Virtues and Weaknesses Wen-Chuan Yeh Chinese Mandarin/English Irvine 02/10/2018 Sermon
The Woman, Whose Many Sins, Were Forgiven Raymond Chou Chinese Mandarin/English Baldwin Park 05/03/2019 Sermon
Good and Evil That Are Difficult to Discern (2) Tong-Haw Chien Chinese Mandarin/English Vancouver Sermon
God’s Field, Building, and Temple Samuel Kuo English/Chinese Mandarin Queens 01/07/2022 Sermon

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