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Manna 69: One True Church        
“Which church do you go to?” “True Jesus Church.” Puzzled look. “Why true? Are there any false churches out there?” Silence. ...

Manna 68: Succession: Generation Next        
“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men..."

Manna 67: The Bible        
Finding strength and abundant life in God's unchanging word through faith.

Manna 66: Family Focus        
Building a godly family that radiates His love.

Manna 65: Missionary Work        
The Lord is waiting in the field to work with us to grow the seeds of His gospel. Are we ready to plant and water?

Manna 64: Dealing with Calamities        
Real calamities are not the threats to our bodies but to our faith. So we need to take a serious look at our spiritual health. Are we facing spiritual calamities?

Manna 63: Music        
Have you ever realized that music penetrates our lives?... Yet what does God say about music? How did music come about and how should we use music in our worship and service to God? What about secular music?

Manna 62: The Miracles of Jesus        
The Miracles of Jesus

Manna 61: Church Life        
Church Life

Manna 60: Money        

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