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Building Altars In The Pandemic     By London Youths        
The struggles and blessings of maintaining our faith and worship at home.

Covid-19: A Spiritual Analogy     By Jessica Lau        
The parallels between the coronavirus and the spiritual pandemic of sin.

God’s Reminders During The Pandemic     By Various        
 In this unprecedented time, God’s requirements of us remain the same.

Covid-19: Global Updates: The True Jesus Church in Europe and Africa     By ECC and AMC        
How the pandemic and restrictions have affected the members in Africa and Europe.

God’s Healing Grace In The Time Of Coronavirus     By Various        
How God protected members who fell ill at the peak of the first wave of infections.

Testimonies From The Covid-19 Front Line     By Various        
God’s grace upon members who caught the virus while working in the medical field.

Complete Faith: Whatever God’s Will May Be     By Hosea        
Daniel’s friends had complete faith in God’s deliverance, as well as His sovereign will.

Redeem Your Time Wisely     By Ezra Chong        
Using this God-given time during, and after, lockdown to make lasting spiritual change.

From Cherith To Horeb     By Vincent Yeung        
What were the positive and negative effects of Elijah’s two periods of isolation?

The Lord Shut Him In The Ark     By Steve Hwang        
Applying lessons from Noah’s confinement to our own respective lockdowns.

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