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Making Time to Serve God     By Shawn Chou        
How to find time to serve God.

A Child-Like Heart        
Has pursuing after the world led you astray from the Lord? If you are going through some difficult trials, how do you fill the emptiness in your heart? The Lord Jesus is asking you to return to Him and find true peace and joy. What is your answer to Him?

A Christ-centered Family Life     By Vincent Yeung        
What is our family’s common goal?

A Faith That Is Never Compromised     By Wen Chuan Yeh        
How to stand firm in our faith.

A Father’s Thoughts on Christian Parenting     By Philip Shee        
Set an example; pray unceasingly.

A More Abundant Life (Part 1): Peace and Hope     By Raymond Chou        

A Time Of Pestilence And Reflection     By Fu-Ming Tse        
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the life and faith of believers.

Applying Our Faith in the Workplace     By Audrey Chan        
Shining for Christ at work.

Be Rooted In Christ (Part 3): Bear Fruit In Christ     By Michael Chan        

Building Altars In The Pandemic     By London Youths        
The struggles and blessings of maintaining our faith and worship at home.

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