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A Joyful Return     By aaliyah        
Psalm 126 and how God brings the captivity back to Zion.

A Lesson from Hezekiah's Life        
Inevitable as death is, we are often oblivious of the transience of life. Let us examine what really matters in life.

A Life of Simplicity     By Derren Liang        
Focus on the right things.

A Mature Church—the Church in Antioch     By Samuel Kuo        
Taking the gospel with us wherever we go.

A Meditiation upon The Cross        

A More Abundant Life (Part 1): Peace and Hope     By Raymond Chou        

A More Abundant Life (Part 2): Direction and Richness     By Raymond Chou        

A Mother's Place: At Home or At Work?        
"Did I go to school all those years just to be buried in endless dishes, dirty laundry, diapers, and other household chores?" A stay-at-home mom struggles with her decision and learns how to glorify God through her role.

A Multiethnic Church: Is It Really Possible?        
How the apostles dealt with multiculturalism in the church, and lessons for the church today

A New Bowl of Salt        

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