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Thoughts by the Brook of Cherith     By S.C [SINGAPORE]        

Two Gates, Two Trees, Two Foundations, and Two Weights        

Returning to God - the Essential Step to Spiritual Renewal     By Lawrence Q. Wong        

Some Thoughts on the Importance of Prayer        

To Serve: God’s Purpose for His Chosen     By FF Chong        
Serving God is integral to every part of a Christian’s life.

The City Above     By Constance Lin        

Will Tomorrow Surely Come?     By Lim Siok Hong        

Lily among Thorns        

Letters from Mom: Crossing Boundaries to Share the Good News        
God will have mercy on whomever He will have mercy. He will surprise us—He already has. Read this encouraging "Letter from Mom" on the gathering of nations to His true church, and our place in the global ministry.

Editorial: Feed My Lambs, Tend My Sheep     By KC Tsai        
Feed and tend the flock, so that the church may grow in God’s love. 

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