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Where Are You?        

When the Heat Comes, We Shall Not Fear     By FF Chong        
The Bible warns us that the time of this Earth is coming to an end and that our Lord Jesus will return at any time. Trials and tribulations will only strike harder and become more unbearable, like the heat of the sun. How well-prepared are we to endure until the end?

When One Suffers        
Sometimes we may have a hard time understanding and accepting why good people suffer. This article explains why suffering is necessary in hopes to help us stand firm in the faith, even in the midst of affliction.

When God Is Your Matchmaker        
Complete trust in the most important decision.

When a Gentle South Wind Blows        
A seasoned sailor learns that even a good wind can't always be trusted—and how the only sure thing is the word of God. A story from the book of Acts remains a lesson for us today.

What You Need To Know About The Holy Spirit        

What You Need To Know About Fasting        

What We Can Do For Literature Evangelism        

What to Live for        
It is not important how long a person lives. What is important is whether he has lived a godly life and brought benefits to society.

What the Lord Requires of You     By Nathanael Chin        
God's requirements are reasonable.

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