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Participating in the Election Process: An Opportunity to Be Salt and Light        
Voting can be a chance to share our faith.

Social Justice and Christianity        
What is social justice, and why does it matter?

Reflections on the 2008 Ministry Volunteer Program        

Lessons Learned from My Trip to Korea        
The experience that gave me new insights and moving reminders in faith.

Praying in front of Unbelieving Roommates        
Why this can help improve our faith.

When God Is Your Matchmaker        
Complete trust in the most important decision.

Holding onto God        
Her faith and the love and care of brothers and sisters brought her through a troubling time.

In the World, not of the World        
How we can live out this seemingly paradoxical idea.

Christians in the Community        

Office Relationships Series: King Darius, the Secular Boss     By Ruth Huang        
Lessons we can learn from Daniel and his work environment.

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