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In Search Of The True Church     By Philip Shee        
Discerning the truth amid the plethora of Christian denominations and beliefs.

Our Story     By Steven Shek        
The story of God’s church told through biblical prophecy is now unfolding.

Where is the House that You Will Build Me?     By Vincent Yeung        
Realizing the promise that the glory of the latter temple shall be greater than the former.

A Century of Grace and Spirituality     By H.H. Ko        
Reflecting on a hundred years of God’s blessings within the true church.

Manna 85 Editorial: The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End     By Peter Shee        
A hundred years is a significant milestone, and milestones are important if we are serious about our goal. 

Complete The Construction Of The True Church (Part 1)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Building the church upon the firm foundation of God's principles, to weather all storms.

Revive The True Church (Part 1)     By Barnabas Chong        
As the revived apostolic church, we must revive our own attitudes towards our faith.

Rain In Zion     By FF Chong        
How the Holy Spirit establishes, cultivates and restores God's vineyard before the end-time harvest.

Straight From The Heart     By Joshua Phoong        
Stirring up love and rekindling our zeal to fulfill our evangelistic commission. 

In Retrospection and Reflection: One Hundred Years of Spiritual Grace     By Shun Dao Hsieh        
Testimonies of God’s grace and the faithfulness of the early workers in Taiwan.

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