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She Went After Many, But Me She Forgot     By Colin Shek        
God is our ultimate blessing.

The Church in the Wilderness     By K.C. Tsai        
The true church: perspectives from Deuteronomy.

Safeguarding the Sheep     By FF Chong        
Upholding the beliefs of the church.

Applying Our Faith in the Workplace     By Audrey Chan        
Shining for Christ at work.

A Christ-centered Family Life     By Vincent Yeung        
What is our family’s common goal?

On Time and Prayer     By Jachin        
How much do we pray? No matter how busy we are, we must include prayers in our daily lives in order to allow ourselves to communicate with God. This article takes examples from the Bible to explain the role prayer should have in our lives.

Openly Faithful     By Caleb Lee        
Are we open about our faith?

Manna 77 Editorial     By Shawn Chou        

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven     By KC Tsai        
Unlocking the mysteries of God through the Holy Spirit.

On the Front Line (I)—Knowing Who You Are     By Vuthy Nol-Mantia        
Our identity as soldiers in God's army.

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