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Jesus? Yeah, Whatever

“Jesus? Yeah, whatever.”

“Who is Jesus? Who cares?”

If you were told that someone died for you, wouldn’t you at least find out if this was true, and, if so, why? A man named Jesus died on a cross. He said he did this for you, to save you from eternal suffering and lead you back to God. This is either an extraordinary act of love and power or a ridiculous lie. Even out of curiosity alone, we would want to find out how much of this claim is true. And when our destiny is at stake, we must find out.

“Jesus saves? From what?”

On one level, Jesus came to save us from our sorrow and labor. But more importantly, Jesus came to show us what life is really about and what is beyond our life today.

It is only through Jesus that we can make an informed decision about our destiny. Can we afford to remain uncertain about our worth and our future, or do we place our hopes in Jesus’ true promise to change our lives for the better? Where will we end up? Will we be in heaven, forever with God and his love, or will we be in hell, forever apart from God and all that is good? The stakes are too high to ignore.

“Jesus is simply one teacher among many teachers.”

Suppose someone walked up to you and said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am not just a messenger of God, but God himself! Besides me, there is no other way to heaven.” Would you take him to be just another moral teacher?

No one can reasonably feel neutral about Jesus. His self-portrayal doesn’t give you that option. You can call him crazy and walk away in disgust, or you can believe that he really is God. What’s important is not to brush him off without first examining the facts. Through his life on earth, Jesus proved that he is God coming to save us.

 “What was Jesus like?”

Living as a man among us, Jesus showed us how to get back in touch with God. His whole life was a concrete expression of God.

Jesus welcomed children into his arms. He spent time with the downtrodden. He got angry with the people doing business in a temple of worship. He cried when his dearest friend died. Even up to the end of his life, he showed compassion and love. Hanging on the cross, he prayed for his tormenters, made sure that his mother would be cared for, and comforted the criminal hanging next to him.

Jesus was a human being made of flesh and blood. But, at the same time, Jesus proved that he is God by being resurrected on the third day after his death.

“I don’t believe in Jesus’ resurrection.”

Those who were against Jesus could have proven that the resurrection was a hoax simply by trotting out his body from the tomb. They did not, because they could not.

Jesus appeared to numerous people after the resurrection, and their eyewitness accounts were faithfully recorded. More relevant to us today, we know that Jesus is alive because he answers our prayers and lets us experience his Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ died and rose again to show us the hope we have in him. When we believe in him, our old, troubled self dies and we are resurrected to become a new person. That’s how Jesus saves us from evil and suffering. When we believe in him, he will help us through our troubles and live a life filled with God’s love and guidance.


Jesus was a man who lived in history, and he is God dwelling in eternity. He went through life's ups and downs like us, yet he lived a perfect life, taught us about the kingdom of God, showed us miracles that couldn't have come from a mere human being, and brought us hope in the heaven to come. As the living God, he helps us to live each day with true freedom and purpose.

The proof is there. Experience for yourself how real Jesus Christ is and how true his promises are. With all that you have to gain, doesn't it make sense to find out more?

Publisher: True Jesus Church