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Who were Jesus" parents?

Jesus’ mother was a virgin named Mary. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit; He is the Son of God. His earthly “father” was Joseph, a carpenter in Galilee who took Mary for his wife (Mt 1:18-25; Lk 1:26-38).

Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, according to Matthew 13:56, Jesus had four brothers and several sisters. While Jesus’ brothers did not believe in Him during His public ministry (Jn 7:5), they came to believe after His resurrection. James, one of Jesus’ brothers, later became a leader in the church and the author of the epistle that bears his name. Judas, or Jude, is believed to be the author of the epistle of Jude.

Yet Jesus also said that whoever does the will of His Father in heaven is His brother, sister, or mother (Mt 12:48-50).

Publisher: True Jesus Church