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Heaven is such a remote idea. Why talk about something so far from reality when there are enough things in this life to worry about?

Our life on earth is not detached from our eternal destiny. Our earthly tasks reflect what we believe to be our ultimate goal. If you set your goal on something false, you will waste your entire life on meaningless pursuits. That is why you need to find out whether there is heaven. If heaven is real, then we have to orient our daily live to this goal.

Belief in heaven actually makes a direct, positive impact in this life. Believers who look forward to heaven bring blessings to others because they obey God’s command to love others as themselves. While God’s promises may pertain to the life to come, God’s commandments are for this life, not the afterlife. Our belief in heaven does not detract from our present responsibilities. On the contrary, it motivates us to make a difference on earth.

Publisher: True Jesus Church