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Can we completely know God through evidence of God's existence?

The evidence we discussed above may convince us God exists, yet we must be humbly willing to open up ourselves to the truth. Without a willingness to believe there will be no belief. A stubborn heart is difficult to convince. God is hidden and we do need to exercise faith to believe in Him. Our faith is not an unthinking blind faith in something totally absurd, however, believing in God does take a measure of humility. The Bible tells us God gives grace to the humble. The Bible says the pure in heart shall see God. We know God through revelation of Himself to us. The Bible says God calls us, not the other way around, i.e., we call God. So how do we come to a point of believing in God? God leads us to the point, whether we realize this or not. So if God is revealed by revelation of Himself, we may wonder: why hasn’t God revealed Himself to me yet? Because God waits for you to take a step in his direction, then God will reveal Himself. This is why we continually emphasize: it takes some faith and openness to seek the truth and find the truth. God will not, we repeat, will not reveal Himself to someone who is stubborn in his belief there is no God. The evidence of God’s existence is believable to those who are willing to believe; yet, it makes no sense at all to those who are not willing to make sense of it. God has given evidence of Himself so that people can seek Him, reach out to Him, and find Him (Acts 17:27), but people are often unwilling to take the first step. Humankind is only a tiny speck compared to the whole universe (Isa 40:15, 17), while God is higher than the heavens, that is, beyond all our understanding (Job 36:26; 11:7). What we now know of God is limited (1 Cor 13:12), for people will never know God by their own human wisdom. Only through God’s revelation and pondering the evidence of creation can we press on to know Him (Hos 6:3), to truly know Him (Eph 1:17), to know more and more about Him (Col 1:9).

Publisher: True Jesus Church