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Did God prepare for humankind's salvation?

QADid God prepare for humankind’s salvation?Yes. The Bible says God prepared salvation in Jesus Christ before the beginning of time (2 Tim 1:9). Hebrews says God spoke to his chosen people through the prophets in the past, at many times and in various ways; however, in the last days (last days may mean the era after Christ came) he spoke to us through his Son, Jesus Christ (Heb 1:1–2). The prophets searched intently and questioned within themselves when Jesus Christ would come. In fact, even angels long to look into matters related to humankind’s salvation (1 Pet 1:10, 12). We could say the salvation of humankind is like a great love story—so interesting to watch unravel, even angels desire to look into it. Salvation is a great thing, for salvation concerns you in particular and all people in general (Lk 1:49; 2:10). Isn’t it wonderful that God prepared salvation for everyone? (Lk 2:31).

Publisher: True Jesus Church