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Questions for the doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Questions for the doctrine of the Holy Spirit

2005 NYTS – W. Yeh

1.       Why do we have to study the doctrine of the Holy Spirit?

2.       What is the Holy Spirit?

3.       How did human being receive the Holy Spirit from God in the beginning of the history?

4.       Why is it that God had to breathe the breath of life into man’s nostrils?

5.       What was the benefit for Adam after he became a living person?

6.       How and why did the Holy Spirit depart from man?

7.       In the time of Old Testament, how did the Holy Spirit work in man? List three biblical accounts.

8.       How can you sum up the characteristics of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?

9.       List the biblical records that prophesied God would pour his Spirit upon all the flesh in the Old Testament.

10.   What did Jesus say about the Holy Spirit?

11.   Why do we say that the Holy Spirit is the Everlasting Father?

12.   How important is it that Jesus breathed on his disciples? (John 20:22)

13.   Salvation comes with signs. List two signs to prove this statement.

14.   How does the Holy Spirit help us to be more Christlike?

15.   Some unbelievers or believers may challenge the function of the Holy Spirit, because they do not see positive change in those who have received the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they are not eager to ask for the Holy Spirit. How do you defend for your faith or encourage them to keep on praying for the Holy Spirit?

16.   What does ‘be filled with the Holy Spirit’ mean?

17.   How can we be truly filled with the Holy Spirit?

18.   Jesus promised that we would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us. Have you received power from the Holy Spirit?