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Are there biblical examples of prayer?

Yes. There are too many examples of prayer to list. But here’s a short sampling of people in the Bible who prayed: Abraham prayed for God’s mercy on Sodom, a city destined to be destroyed by God (Gen 18:23). However, God still destroyed the city of Sodom because there were not ten righteous people found in the city (Gen 18:32; Gen 19:12ff). However, God did consider Abraham’s request for his nephew Lot, who lived in Sodom. Jacob prayed that he might escape his brother Esau’s anger (Gen 32:9). Moses prayed for the Israelites that they might escape God’s wrath (Ex 32:11, 14). Hezekiah prayed to God for healing (2 Kgs 20:2). David prayed for his son Solomon that Solomon would have a loyal heart toward God and build God’s temple (1 Chr 29:19). Elijah prayed for rain to relieve a long drought (Jas 5:18). Jesus prayed, on the cross, for the forgiveness of those who crucified him. Jesus prayed for their forgiveness since he knew they did it in ignorance (Lk 23:34). Waiting upon the Lord’s promise, the disciples prayed for the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem (Acts 1:14).

Publisher: True Jesus Church