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A Believer? Only When You Do the Word

Say you have just received a brand new car that’s guaranteed to drive like a dream on the road. The only problem is you’ve never been in the driver’s seat before. You’ve had many hours of driver’s education in the classroom and passed a test on the rules of the road and the requirements of a good driver. But you haven’t had a chance to practice behind the wheel of a car. The truth is, while you have mastered the theory of driving, you haven’t as yet learned to drive. We may think we are believers of Jesus and know the Bible from cover to cover; the truth is we aren’t really believers until we actually know how to apply biblical teachings in our everyday lives.

Applying biblical teachings or doing the Word is a lot harder than driving. Still, there is a parallel. When you’re in the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle, you’ll know right away if you are traveling at a safe speed on the right side of the road, or have veered off and are about to plough down a ravine. This principle also applies in matters of faith.

For starters, make the commitment and stick with it. Welcome each new day as another opportunity for a practical lesson. Put in as much energy as you would a driving lesson. The only difference is, the instructor by your side is the Lord Himself. Trust Him as He shows you how to proceed on your journey of faith. If you are veering off course, He’ll bring to mind relevant biblical teachings. Learn to slow down and pay attention. Through these experiences, you will become more and more adept at doing God’s Word. You will also have learned what it means to be a believer.

Publisher: True Jesus Church