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Isn't the Old Testament Sabbath Day only a picture of the rest that a person enters when he places his faith in Christ and ceases from his own works (see Heb 4:9-11)?

The Sabbath rest does not only point to accepting the gospel but also to the eternal rest. This promise still stands (Heb 4:1); so we need to "be diligent to enter that rest" (Heb 4:11). Sabbath observance today also foreshadows the eternal Sabbath rest.

This passage cannot be the basis for abolishing the Sabbath because the promise of eternal rest still remains. It does not say that we need not keep the Sabbath after we have placed our faith in Christ. Observance of the Sabbath day, being one of the Ten Commandments, still must be kept today.

The weekly Sabbath was part of God's creation, for He "blessed the seventh day and sanctified it" (see Gen 2:2-3; Ex 20:11). Since God's creation has lasted to this very day, the Sabbath day instituted by God continues to be a blessed and holy day as it has always been since the creation week. The rest we have received in Christ Jesus does not and should not displace the rest on the seventh day or the observance of the Sabbath according to God's commandment.

Publisher: True Jesus Church