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The Proper Attitude for One's Faith Journey

From the time a person believes in Jesus Christ as the one true God in all of heaven and earth, he embarks on a journey of faith. For the rest of his life, he lives with the hope that when he comes to the end, he shall enter heaven to be with God forever.

But if you’re already on this journey, would you say that it’s nothing like jumping into your car, stepping on the gas pedal, and zooming off at full speed ahead? As you also may have discovered, sometimes, our journey is not as fast or as smooth as we wish.

Still, a believer must be joyful. No, we don’t have to go about our life with a grin all day long. What we need is a good attitude. If we feel as if we have hit a pothole or are going around in circles, we must be patient in our affliction and know that the Lord is in control of the situation.

In our journey of faith, we need to be alert to different conditions along the way. You can look at this as if you’re driving a stick shift and you need to know when and why you change gears during the journey. If we prepare ourselves for surprises along the way, we will not be so easily frustrated and discouraged.

Being mere humans, however, we do from time to time feel like getting off the road and going someplace else or making a U-turn and going back to where we started. Under no circumstances must we do either. Reach out to the Lord in prayer. Because He has called us, He will help us make the necessary progress at each given situation. Be joyful through the small steps or the giant leaps of faith. Be patient if you have need to slow down and collect your bearings. In all of this, be faithful in prayer. The Lord our God is a faithful God. He will reward you.

Publisher: True Jesus Church