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Just What the Doctor Ordered

A survey once indicated that children laugh an average of 500 times daily and adults 15 times. If God created humor, I hope it doesn’t become extinct. He made us able to smile, grin, chuckle, giggle, laugh, or even howl. He also helps us laugh at our troubles (probably so we never run out of things to laugh at). He enables us to laugh at ourselves too—a wonderful source of amusement. Proverbs tells us that joy is good medicine whether we’re sick or not.

Like everything else God created, humor can be misused. We’re often eager to laugh at sin. Jokes about sex or race, especially when told in confidential whispers, often prompt fits of laughter when they should really move us to tears. And sometimes cruel laughter escapes our mouths as we enjoy the misfortune or faults of others.

Forgiveness makes humor possible. When life becomes troubled, it’s hard to laugh. But as God’s forgiveness and comfort begin to soothe and heal, we can look back and laugh at our troubles. It doesn’t take much imagination to hear Peter enjoying a shoreline dinner with his friends, recalling the day he almost drowned. "Haha, I was so brave. I stepped out on those waves, ready to show you guys how much faith I had. Then I thought, 'What am I doing out here?' I thought I’d have to sink to the bottom and run for the shore!"

Always be ready to laugh. And when you laugh, make a note of what was so funny. Maybe you can share it with someone who really needs a laugh. Enjoy a good grin a few times each day. A good howl will get your heart pumping, too. And you know what they say about he who laughs last…he didn’t get the joke.

Publisher: True Jesus Church