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 (Manna 22: Indifferent Neighbors)
The Lord Healed Me
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In the name of Jesus Christ I testify.

On September 1, 1993, I woke up feeling pain all over my body. Thinking that I had caught the flu, I took four Chinese antibiotics before I left for school where I was a teacher. Before lessons began, I had to take another three tablets. At the end of the classes, I needed four more. After dinner that evening, I felt an acute pain where my left kidney was. My husband brought me to a nearby clinic where I was diagnosed as having an infected left kidney. The doctor gave me an injection, prescribed some pills and told me to go for an X-ray the next day. That night, the pain grew more gripping. It was only then that I thought of praying to God. My husband and son prayed by my side and I cried because the pain was very excruciating. "Lord! I can't bear it any longer!" I cried out in agony. Finally, after a long time, the pain subsided and I fell asleep.

The next day, I went to the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore for an X-ray. The result showed stones in my left kidney and bladder. A kidney specialist was arranged for me. Meanwhile, I was to take antibiotics to counteract the infection. But I was allergic to that type of antibiotics and I found myself vomiting and suffering from fits of cold and heat just 10 minutes after swallowing the pills. Nevertheless, I was told that despite my allergy I had to take that type of antibiotics to curb the swelling in my kidney. Left with no choice, my family prayed with me before I took any more of those antibiotics. Amazingly, the side effects did not occur again.

At NUH, I first underwent a minor surgery where a tube was inserted into my body to draw out puss and hopefully, the smaller stones. After this operation, the pain subsided and my temperature returned to normal. Seeing that conditions had improved, I was hoping that I could be discharged soon.

However, I was told that many stones blocked my urinary tract. Furthermore, my left kidney and my bladder had six and four stones respectively. Therefore, I still needed an operation to remove these stones. The operation would be major and I would be under general anaesthesia. I became worried as I always had a weak heart and I was frightened that I might never regain consciousness after the operation. Even assurance from a heart specialist could not allay my fears.

It was then I decided to request my whole family and the church to pray for me. I believed that with prayers, Jesus would heal me. When a deacon of the Singapore church laid hands on me in one of the prayers, I felt a very warm current flowing down from my head right to my body. I knew then that God would definitely heal me. True enough, He did.

My operation was arranged for a Monday. The Saturday before, I had a severe pain on my left kidney and I could see little stones in the puss and blood that were flowing out of my body through the inserted tube. I had the feeling that it was the Lord Jesus crushing the big stones within me so as to allow them to flow out. That night, I slept very soundly, something which I had not experienced since the day I was hospitalized.

On Sunday morning, I felt a sudden urge to pass water. I urinated into a bedpan intensely for about 15 minutes. In the process, I could hear noises as if objects were dropping into the bedpan. Out of curiosity, I put on a pair of gloves and put my hand into the bedpan. I felt many little hard objects like pieces of diamonds. I felt for the biggest piece and decided to keep it.

On Monday morning as the hospital staff was preparing me for surgery, I told the specialist what had happened on Sunday morning and also showed him the stone that I had kept. He was very surprised and decided to postpone the operation. I was then given another X-ray. Most amazingly, the X-ray showed that all the stones had disappeared except for a few little ones in the kidney. There was no need for an operation after all. I just had to drink plenty of water to flush out those remaining stones.

Thank God, He has operated on me and took out the stones! His grace indeed abounds evermore! All glory to His name!

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Publisher: True Jesus Church